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Lie Without Reason is a 6-piece Post-Hardcore band based out of Port Huron, Michigan. Lie Without Reason formed in late 2010 with the original line-up of Dylan Heinz, Blaire Tistle, Thomas Hull, Dan Mitkovski, Austen Meyes, and Shayne Roth. They continued to play local shows and gather a following. They are known for their unique distinction of female clean vocals and male screams. They recently released their first single "We're Only Dying To Survive" recorded by Phil Druyor from I Am Abomination. Their EP is expected to be released in Summer 2011.

Band Members Edit

• Dylan Heinz - unclean vocals (since 2011)
• Blaire Tistle - clean vocals
• Thomas Hull- keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
• Dan Mitkovski - drums
• Austen Meyers - lead guitar
• Shayne Roth - bass guitar

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